Membership must be paid before points count towards the FINALS.

Membership is not required.


Cowboy hat, long sleeve shirt, jeans with no holes and boots.

WPRA Neck Only Ground Rules:

  1. The calf’s whole head must pass through the loop or contestant will be disqualified.
  2. The loop must be drawn up and around the neck with no extremities in the loop and in front on the tail head when the string breaks.
  3. If any extremities are in the loop when the string breaks the run will be considered a “no time”. Ex: Figure 8 a tail or leg, rope drops below the tail head, etc. If the string breaks with the extremity in loop and the goes back around the neck of calf, the run will still be a “no time”.
  4. If an extremity gets in the loop after the flagger has dropped the flag, the run will be legal. Ex: If the slack pops high and the loop feeds back out and a calf steps in to the loop.
  5. If an official is available, a spotter will be positioned on the opposite side from the judge to watch for extremities in the loop when the string breaks.