Roping Format

Roping Format:  Last to enter is first to rope.   Round one straight up the list from the roper who entered last to the roper who entered first.  In Round two the order will be flipped from round one.  Round three will be roped in order of the slowest time on 2 head to the fastest time on 2 head.  Payoff will be completed for each round and the aggregate will be paid on 3 head.

Open Roping is Co-Approved with WPRA.  Please enter your WPRA number on entry form.

WCRA Alliance – Don’t forget to nominate for the WCRA Leaderboard.  Use sec/code SC9547 or SC7083 to get a $5 discount.  You can use each code twice.

We have finished the 2020 roping season and are looking forward to Finals 2020. Check out the Finals 2020 page for updated information.

2021 Schedule – We plan to have 4-5 ropings in 2021 plus the year end finals. The schedule will be posted here when ready.